With nearly 40 million Spanish speakers in the U.S., understanding the Hispanic audience is key to success. Filmed at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, learn how Latino-centric companies like Discovery, ThinkNow Research and Univision have successfully expanded their Hispanic customer base.



Pavel Escobedo, Insights and Research Director, Latin America and U.S. Hispanic, Discovery
Roy Eduardo Kokoyachuk, Managing Partner, ThinkNow Research
Belia Jimenez, Director, Corporate Market Research, Univision
Bruce Friend, EVP Media and Entertainment, Vision Critical (moderator)


Notable Moments

The Importance of Connecting and Engaging with a Hispanic Audience
(8:06) ThinkNow Research’s Kokoyachuk describes how the Latinization of the U.S. has impacted businesses.

Understanding Cultural Differences
(12:07) Univision’s Jimenez talks about the significance of the bilingual, bicultural uniqueness of the Latino population in the U.S.

(13:44) Escobedo explains the differences between the U.S. Hispanic market and the Latin American markets through his experience at Discovery.

(17:15) ThinkNow Research reveals a surprising finding on the high level of optimism among Hispanics in the U.S.

Recruitment Best Practices
(19:54) How Univision uses local events to recruit Hispanic men into their insight community.

(20:53) The effectiveness of paid and organic Facebook posts in recruiting members and winning Facebook fans for Discovery.

(23:37) Why companies should create surveys natively instead of through translation. “Create the content and creative natively in Spanish,” Kokoyachuk advises. “Even if they are bilingual, when they are reading a translation, they can smell it a mile away. And as soon as you realize it’s a translation, you realize, ‘that was not created for me.’”

Making a Tangible Difference: Community Insight
(30:40) The importance of reporting back insights to your community. “If you want a productive community that is going to be insightful for your brand, they need to be engaged,” says Escobedo.

(32:02) An example on how Univision used their insight community to screen an ad concept for a mobile app before going into production.

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