The Secret to Better Fan Engagement

How to keep fans loyal and engaged

Entertainment options for today’s sports fan have increased exponentially, while their attention span and loyalty has contracted just as quickly. In such a competitive environment, how do you keep fans loyal and engaged?

Captured at the 2014 Vision Critical Summit, NASCAR, Madison Square Garden and ESPN share the techniques and technology they use to keep their fans coming back.

Presented by:
Catherine Rogers, Vision Critical
Erin Broszkowski, NASCAR
Steve Sherman, Madison Square Garden
Matt Mates, ESPN

Notable Moments

(0:00) Introduction of the panel

(02:26) Moderator Catherine asks panelists how they engage their fan base using an insight community.

(05:46) Each panelist talks about their overall fan engagement strategies and how they have integrated their insight community into it.

(08:25) Steve from Madison Square Garden shows an example of involving athletes to thank their community members.

(11:51) Panelists talk about the best practices for fan engagement.

(12:08) Erin from NASCAR describes the essence of authenticity and keeping topics relevant to what their community members want to talk about.

(13:37) Matt from ESPN explains the importance of informing community members of how their feedback has led to meaningful change in the organization.

(14:27) Moderator Catherine asks panelists how they bring in branding/advertising studies into a community of sports fans.

(15:32) Erin from NASCAR talks about how they use non-monetary incentives in their community.

(17:32) Moderator Catherine asks how fan engagement has changed over the last 10 years and the role of digital channels in their jobs and insight community.

(18:28) Steve from Madison Square Garden talks about the way young people watch sportsthe three-screen experience.

(20:17) Moderator Catherine asks panelists how they are able to bring the overwhelming amounts of pre-, post- and during game fan reactions together in their community.

(22:33) Panelists talk about the growing challenges of getting the right people in their insight community.

Your fans demand more than a winning streak

Today’s empowered sports fans want to interact with players, express their opinions and feel like they’re an integral part of the team. Discover how world class sports organizations are harnessing the collective wisdom of their fans.