How Game took the Retail Experience to the Next Level

How to successfully adapt your in-store experience and brand positioning in line with ever-evolving customer expectations

Game Retail is the leading video game retailer in the UK with a network of over 200 stores, ever-developing e-commerce sites, and an award-winning app.

Due to the challenging landscape of the high-street and an increase in online competition from key players such as Amazon, Game radically changed its market positioning and the in-store experience by adopting a more customer-centric approach.

Watch this webinar to find out:

  • How Game continues to deliver a superior customer experience in the face of ever-changing customer expectations
  • How the business made savings in research costs of £650,000 across 130 projects
  • The way the team demonstrated to customers that their feedback can influence key decisions, and consistently improved response rates
  • How insights will continue to fuel their national growth strategy going forward

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