Rapid changes in technology present both a threat and opportunity to market researchers. Organisations want fast, accurate, and cost-effective data – but often lack the resources to prioritise this.

Research expert Ray Poynter knows how to adapt and grow in tumultuous times. He’s written extensively on the evolution of research as automation, mobile, artificial intelligence and other technologies that shape customer behavior.

This toolkit is a curation of Poynter’s best work. It consolidates his top:

    • Reference materials for every market researcher
    • Tips and tricks
    • Professional development tools
    • Predictions for the future of market research

Use it as your guide to more effective market research and the professional growth that comes with it.

Get the toolkit to:

    • Refresh your industry knowledge
    • Master the skills the best market researchers have in common
    • Invest in your professional development
    • Navigate changes in your industry

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