Don’t just survey your customers—build deeper relationships with them

Better customer relationships unlock higher research ROI

By prioritizing the business value of ongoing customer relationships and a superior experience for your customers, Vision Critical is the first choice for insight-driven businesses.

Our enterprise-grade customer intelligence platform allows you to create insight communities of engaged customers who have opted in to provide regular feedback. These communities let you get reliable, ongoing access to attitude, emotion and intent data in real time.

Get immediate payback and higher ROI

An independent study from Forrester concluded that companies that adopt Vision Critical’s relationship-based approach to gathering customer intelligence make smarter, more customer-centric decisions faster and uncover multi-million-dollar opportunities with higher ROI.


increase in
order value


Decrease in
customer churn


improvement on marketing campaigns


faster products
to market

Unparalleled value and ROI

The cost of using Vision Critical is significantly lower compared to survey tools.

  • Launch an unlimited number of surveys and activities
  • Uncover high quality insight in a matter of hours, not days or weeks
  • Get ongoing support from a dedicated customer success team

Insight-driven businesses choose Vision Critical

“Vision Critical has changed the way our stakeholders view market research. With our insight communities, we involve the member in the entire product development cycle, from idea generation to design to validation. The insight of our members allows us to understand the ‘whys’ behind the ‘whats’ that Big Data gives us. It provides intelligence at the speed required by the fast-moving tech industry.”
—Tony Tong, Senior Market Research Manager, LinkedIn

Uncover multi-million-dollar opportunities with Vision Critical

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