How to win back fickle customers

Featuring: Joel Warady, CMO, Enjoy Life Foods

Did you know that big consumer packaged goods companies have lost over $18 billion to small upstarts?

Research suggests that most large-scale consumer packaged goods companies underestimate the pace of change impacting their industry today. They’re behind the curve on digital marketing, they rely too heavily on conventional retailer relationships and they’re not engaging with today’s empowered consumers for the insight they need to remain relevant.

Large CPG companies need to protect their market share and remain relevant to consumers today.

Get an industry insider’s perspective on the battle for consumer packaged goods supremacy

Enjoy Life Foods, where Joel Warady served as CMO, was enjoying year-over-year growth of over 40 percent. He had created a snack food category that customers were hungry for, yet the big players in consumer goods had failed to address. Instead of fighting Enjoy Life Foods head-to-head, Mondelez International acquired the business and put Warady in charge of the $12 billion better-for-you snack food category.

This webinar will explore:

  • The new threats facing the CPG Industry today
  • How consumer insight allows big players to be more nimble, develop new products and positioning, track trends and competitor behavior
  • What customer-centric really means to CPG companies.

If there is one person who knows what it takes to be successful in CPG it’s Joel Warady. Don’t miss this very special webinar.


WEBINAR How to Win Back Fickle Customers: Lessons From the War Between Big CPG Companies and Small but Powerful Upstarts


Joel Warady

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Enjoy Life Foods

David Sevitt

Vice President
Vision Critical

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