What Every CMO Needs to Know

About Delivering a Better

Customer experience

In a 2015 Gartner study, 25 percent of CMOs singled out customer experience as the biggest increase in expectation from the CEO.

As organizations invest more in delivering a better customer experience, gaining a deeper understanding of customers’ wants and needs will only grow in importance.

In a special webinar hosted by customer advocate marketing software company Influitive, Nick Stein, SVP of Marketing at Vision Critical, explains why the most successful companies are prioritizing customer experience and what this means for your brand.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How empowered customers have changed the rules of customer experience
  • Why the world’s leading companies are prioritizing customer intelligence
  • How improved customer experience drives long-term revenue

Watch the recording of this special presentation, fill out the form to access the webinar.


WEBINAR What every CMO needs to know about delivering a better customer experience

Our Speaker, Nick Stein

SVP Marketing, Vision Critical
and former FORTUNE writer

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