Finding the Signal in the Noise

Exclusive webinar with Martin Lindstrom

How Companies Can Discover Real Value in Small Data

Big Data promised to tell companies everything about their customers. But Big Data leaves a big gap: it doesn’t tell you why customers make the choices they do. So how do companies find the customer intelligence they need to make critical business decisions?

Watch Martin Lindstrom, renowned brand strategist and author of the provocative new book, Small Data: The Tiny Clues That Uncover Huge Trends, in this exclusive webinar. You’ll hear how he travels the world advising companies like McDonald’s, Reebok and Nestle to look beyond Big Data to what matters most. The source of his small data insight? Connecting with average customers, observing their daily behavior, asking them meaningful questions, and getting to know them as real people—not data points.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Big Data has failed to provide actionable intelligence
  • How a focus on Small Data has helped marketers, product developers and CX professionals
  • Why Lindstrom believes customer intelligence is key to better business decisions


WEBINAR How Companies Can Discover Real Value in Small Data: Finding the Signal in the Noise

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Martin Lindstrom

Best-Selling Author and Branding Expert

Andrew Reid

Founder and President, Corporate Innovation, Vision Critical

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