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The Smarter Researcher Asia Pacific

10 Ways Market Researchers can Remain Relevant

There is a need for customer centricity across research in Asia Pacific.

Customers are firmly in control. And response rates to traditional surveys are plummeting.

In order to survive and thrive, market researchers and insight professionals need to recalibrate their understanding of the role they play in global, winner-takes-all industries. The tools and tactics they once depended on are no longer capable of delivering the insight companies need to connect with today’s empowered customers.

10 New Rules for Market Researchers

Join Andrew Cannon, Executive Director of the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) and Ray Poynter, Director of Vision Critical University, in a fascinating webinar that will show you:

    • How you can survive in the changing market research landscape
    • New perspectives in modern market research
    • How global brands operating in Asia Pacific are delivering key insights for better business decisions


What’s Next in Market Research

Today market researchers and insight professionals must bring the voice of the customer to decision makers, and connect decision makers with their customers. A power-shift is happening, from companies to customers, and market researchers and insight managers are the ones who can and must ensure that it is a profitable shift. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how.

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Our Speakers

Ray Poytner

Director, Vision Critical University

Ray is the Director of Vision Critical University, the author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research, the creator of NewMR.org, and is in constant demand as a conference speaker, contributing author, workshop leader, and advisor. Ray describes his role in Vision Critical as chief noisemaker and iconoclast.

Andrew Cannon

Executive Director, Global Research Business Network (GRBN)

Andrew is Executive Director of GRBN and the President of EFAMRO, the European Federation of Market Research Organisations. He advocates for national associations that strengthen the research industry by increasing the value of research and the level of trust of the industry. In today’s globalizing world, Andrew is passionate about the role that research organizations play in enabling decision-makers to make better decisions and be more customer- (citizen-) centric.