Data-rich, but insight-poor

Digital transformation is bringing radical change to the B2B technology industry. It’s redefining the role and value of technology in businesses. It’s re-shaping buyer expectations and experiences.

The complex IT purchasing environment is forcing companies to focus on the customer experience. While companies have a lot of user and customer data, they often lack actionable insight. Many still rely on offline customer advisory councils, which tend to be slow and infrequent, and NPS, which shows an incomplete picture of the buyer journey.


of CEOs are concerned about the quality of data they use to make decisions


Source: KPMG


of B2B buyers aren’t willing to recommend their vendor



Source: SiriusDecisions


of business intelligence initiatives are spent on data exploration and integration


Source: Forrester

“Far too often, B2B organizations portray themselves as customer-centric without really understanding what customers want after they buy”

– Megan Heuer, VP of Research at SiriusDecisions

Leveraging agile customer insight

Smart companies are changing their customer intelligence ecosystem to meet the new realities of the B2B landscape. They use tools that complement Big Data with agile, in-the-moment attitudinal insight.

Vision Critical’s platform helps B2B companies bring together an always-on council of highly profiled technical buyers, partners and end users in rapid feedback and validation programs that drive data-backed decisions across the business.

How agile customer insight helps B2B companies

Keep a rapid pulse on evolving markets

Optimize market position

Validate go-to-market strategy

Improve NPS and CSAT scores

Prioritize product roadmap

Drive share of wallet and new client acquisition

Success stories

Validated an $800 million acquisition

Adobe gathered user feedback to demonstrate market acceptance and de-risk the company’s decision to acquire Fotolia, a stock photo company

Increased purchase intent among 84% of program members

A majority of IBM’s insight community members are now more interested in buying from the company

400% improvement in adoption rate

A Fortune 100 software company quadrupled adoption rate by listening to customers 

Over 600 global brands choose Vision Critical

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