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Winning the Tech Race


The market is changing fast and the competition is only increasing

The tech industry is flush with cash, talent and ferocious competition. Your success depends entirely on a clear understanding of what today’s empowered customers expect from technology today and tomorrow.


Did you know that the market capitalization of GoPro was $7.8 billion within a year of its IPO?

Tech companies that engage with their customers for feedback enjoy huge payouts. Customer feedback provides companies with the unique advantage to anticipate new trends and demands from the market. You can pivot and innovate proactively while the competition plays catch-up.


Disruption is not always destructive

Read this insightful white paper by tech-industry veteran Leigh Admirand and discover the forces of disruption that separate the winners from the losers:

  • the extraordinary pace of change
  • the impact millennials are having on innovation
  • how empowered customers are demanding more say in new products
  • what omnichannel expectations mean for tech companies

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Authored By

Leigh Admirand

SVP, Vision Critical
Leigh has 20-plus years of experience in insights and consulting, strategy and business planning in the technology and telecom industries. At Vision Critical, she leads the technology consulting practice leveraging Vision Critical’s community platforms for clients including Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, AT&T and others.