Tech companies can’t innovate in a bubble. They need to test new products and marketing messages by engaging with customers. In this panel discussion, captured at the 2015 Vision Critical Summit in Chicago, learn how tech companies like Adobe, Intel and Yahoo have made customer engagement a priority.



Lori Iventosch-James, Group Research Manager, Marketing Insights and Operations at Adobe Systems
Jeff Resnick, Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Marketing Analytics at Yahoo
Mark Wilkinson, Digital Strategist, Channel Marketing at Intel
Leigh Admirand, Senior Vice President at Vision Critical (moderator)


Notable Moments

(3:55) “Understanding customer needs and delivering exceptional experiences is really core to our success—and that’s where the community has become invaluable,” says Adobe’s Lori Iventosch-James

(7:32) Yahoo’s Jeff Resnick explains how he sees members of their 19,000-strong community not just as survey takers, but engaged members of the community who can speak on behalf of their brand.

(9:46) “The big data was showing us a lot of anomalous, puzzling things. So we felt like having an insight community would be a way to get to the bottom of that,” says Intel’s Mark Wilkinson.

Staying ahead of change
(13:01) With a shift to a subscription-based model, new features and functionalities are constantly being pushed out at Adobe. Lori explains how their insight community is able to turn around insights within one to two weeks and support quick decision making throughout the business.

(14:45) “Our community has really helped reduce the risk of bad decisions,” says Lori Iventosch-James.

(16:49) Intel’s Mark Wilkinson describes how their customer community gives visibility on what channel partners are doing and who they are trying to sell to. “It’s a way for us to be nimble,” says Wilkinson.

(18:21) “Having insights [from our community] bring a lot of the colour to the data we already have,” says Wilkinson.

Keeping an eye on market disruption
(20:53) Jeff Resnick illustrates how Yahoo’s insight community helped them understand what their competitor in the fantasy sports space was doing and what effect they had on consumers. With the actionable insight gained from a quick study, Yahoo crafted a marketing plan and changed some of their product features to get ahead of their competition.

(23:18) Adobe demonstrates how mixing behavioral and attitudinal research helps them better understand today’s always-on consumer and bring a seamless experience across all Adobe’s apps.

Launch and support new products
(31:00) How Intel uses insights from their online community to launch a new platform called Partner Marketing Studio.

(32:43) Adobe’s Lori Iventosch-James illustrates how customers provided valuable feedback before the product launch of “Project Hello.” Within six months, the product saw a 200 percent increase in conversion.

(36:05) How Yahoo’s web homepage team and product teams used their insight community to test out designs and iterate based on customer feedback.

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