Optimize CX with a deeper understanding of your customers

Learn how Cathay Pacific improves both offline and online customer experience—and how retailers can do the same

Retailers are struggling to differentiate their brand through customer experience (CX).


According to Forrester*, most companies are failing to make significant improvements in CX and only a small minority are delivering “good” CX.

At the crux of this issue is the absence of a deep understanding of the customer journey. Retailers lack data and insight on the nuances of customer behavior. Many retailers don’t have context on the drivers of customer satisfaction. NPS and CSAT scores are popular measures of CX performance, but they don’t reveal why customers do what they do.

Retailers that want to drive meaningful CX improvements can learn a lot from Cathay Pacific Airways. The largest Hong Kong airline, Cathay Pacific flies high in a competitive and evolving industry by infusing the voice of the customer in its business decisions.

Watch this video to learn how Cathay Pacific:


  • Gets ongoing feedback on design and experience from 10,000 opted-in, deeply profiled customers
  • Improves all touchpoints in the customer journey, from the in-flight experience to the user experience on the company website
  • Tests and iterates on new concepts that impact the customer experience

*Retailers Still Struggle To Differentiate Through Customer Experience, Forrester blog, Sucharita Kodali, June 26, 2018.

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– Alex McGowan, General Manager, Sales and Distribution, Cathay Pacific Airways