“Because of our insight community, our customers feel that we are more approachable – that we are in sync with who they are and what they want in travel.”

—Bashuli Sane
Product Manager, Performance Measures, Cathay Pacific


  • Technology has changed how people choose travel and how they fly. In a highly competitive airline industry with rising fuel costs and new entrants, airlines more than ever need to meet the increasing demands and wants of their customers to drive loyalty.
  • Cathay Pacific, the largest Hong Kong airline, flies over 90,000 passengers daily to 200 destinations in 52 countries.
  • Cathay Pacific needed a way to understand their customers across different geographies and segments including frequent flyers (including highest tier members), SME travelers and leisure travelers.
  • The business needed a real-time, cost-effective method to generate feedback and facilitate customer engagement across different customer segments.


  • In 2012, alongside Vision Critical’s implementation partner ABN Impact, Cathay launched Cathay Insights, a community composed of more than 10,000 customers—including customers across Hong Kong, 16 cities in China and the rest of the world. The community includes eight ethnicities and four languages.
  • Members of Cathay’s customer community participate to provide feedback on their experiences with Cathay’s services and products. The community has engaged in conversations about in-flight experiences, airport lounges, marketing and advertising campaigns, website experiences and new product concepts.
  • Customer feedback has informed the re-brand campaign Life Well Travelled; updates to lounges, and the redesign of amenity kits and in-flight products and services (menu design, magazine covers, merchandising).


  • The voice of the customer is woven across many parts of the business. With requests coming from multiple stakeholders, the insight team now uses a roadmapping system to manage requests for community engagement and activities.
  • A Customer Advisory Committee has also been established to support board decisions of senior management.
  • Cathay recruited 5,000 people in two weeks and doubled its customer community over two years.
  • Cathay Insights has a 87 percent retention rate and 47 percent response rate—resulting in real-time customer insights.

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