5 ways to rock MR in the enterprise

5 ways to rock MR in the enterprise

Market research and consumer insight professionals are center stage for helping businesses make sense of consumer data and make it count. More than ever, marketing team heads and C-suite executives are counting on these folks to get a handle on the people that matter most to a business—its customers.

With expectations that high, how can researchers rise to the challenge?

At the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2014 conference, Andrew Reid, founder, president and chief product officer of Vision Critical, tackled this very question.

As the following Slideshare presentation shows, Andrew offered researchers five tips on how to make a bigger impact:

  1. Know your business
    Think like an executive. Use internal and external resources inside your company and outside of it to better understand what’s going on. From your company’s product development team to its 10-K statements, there are many ways you can learn where your business is heading.
  2. Work with all listening posts
    By listening first, you can ensure that gathering consumer insight provides real business value. Listening that doesn’t just stop at customer communities or social media, but listening that accounts for feedback across all channels can help drive innovation within the company. Through customer feedback via social media, blogs and insight communities, you’ll have a better idea of products that are working, features that need tweaking and what people want in the future.
  3. Think longitudinally
    Opinions are constantly changing over time. It’s important to see how consumers behave throughout their lifespan. This information can provide a sense of history and at the same time, show trends that can help improve the decision making process. That’s why building a long-term relationship with a community of customers is often more valuable than simply doing ad-hoc surveys.
  4. Market your insight
    Researchers are known to pull data, generate reports and send them along to managers. Insight professionals can do a better job at marketing their findings and become bigger advocates of using the data at their fingertips to help make changes in the business. Instead of creating another report, why not create beautiful infographics through By marketing your insight, you’re in a better position to be seen as an expert in your organization.
  5. Embrace technology
    ​Today, research is rarely done through phone calls or in-store surveys. Insight professionals should be no strangers to the tools and technologies available. From Google Hangout to Evernote, from IFTTT to CardMunch, there are many tools (often free) at your disposal that can help yield better, more, faster consumer insights and make you a more productive and efficient employee.

For more information on Andrew’s presentation, please see the embedded deck below.

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