To stay agile and keep ahead of the competition, many top tech companies look to big data for answers on how to adapt. But for everything that can be learned about customers from big data, it won’t tell you why customers buy your product—or why they’ve stopped. Vision Critical’s solution for the technology industry connects you directly with customers for ongoing, actionable feedback on key decisions, allowing you to innovate at the speed of business.

Adobe Systems product innovation

As the pace of decision-making at Adobe has accelerated, our insight community has enabled us to provide fast, reliable insight and recommendations to help our leaders make better decisions.

Lori Iventosch-James
Group Research Manager, Marketing Insights, and Operations

How people in your industry use our platform

Create Better Products

Build personas, validate go-to-market materials, and engage customers in every step of the product development process to inform decision making

Improve Customer Experience

Anticipate changing customer preferences, identify issues and opportunities in real-time, and track usage or purchase trends

Accelerate Channel Sales

Create a powerful, ongoing feedback loop to get the insight you need to run a successful channel program

Who benefits from the solution

Product marketing managers, product planning, CX professionals, and product development professionals all use insight communities to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and gather actionable insight to make better business decisions.

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