Put customers in the driver’s seat

Build customer loyalty and elevate your brand experience with ongoing insight from customers.

With the Vision Critical platform, auto companies create insight communities of customers or dealers to get actionable insight to improve the end-to-end brand journey, strengthen the OEM-dealer relationship, build better products and launch more successful marketing campaigns.

How auto companies win using their insight communities

Uncover customer attitudes, preferences and opinions

Optimize customer touchpoints throughout the ownership lifecycle

Innovate with confidence through customer collaboration

Test marketing messages and UX across channels and platforms

Validate go-to-market strategy and refine product launch plans

Add context to customer satisfaction and loyalty data to make it actionable

See how Hyundai uses customer intelligence

“When we have projects that require quick turnaround, everyone at Hyundai relies on our insight community to get the answers.”
—Elijah Kim
Senior Manager, Market Research, Hyundai Motor America

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