Customer intelligence for citizen consultation and engagement

The rise of social media and Big Data haven’t made the job of running a non-profit, public service or governmental body any easier—if anything, they’ve increased confusion about what the public really wants and how you can meet their demands.

Vision Critical’s solutions for citizen consultation and engagement help you connect in a two-way dialogue with your stakeholders—the public—for the feedback you need to make data-driven policy decisions, strengthen the impact of public-facing campaigns and improve lives.

How UBC is building a world-leading university with stakeholder insight

“We needed a solution that would give us robust, timely deep insight from our students, faculty and alumni.”

—Kari Grist
Managing Director, Communications and Marketing

What does the solution do for you

Get instant feedback

Reach more people, engage them more deeply, and get faster responses

Build engagement

Share personalized, relevant messages with high perceived value and provide feedback

Improve policy

Connect your decision making and advocacy directly to the ideas and opinions your community has shared

Who benefits from the solution

Researchers, managers, politicians and executives all use insight communities to gain a deeper understanding of stakeholders and gather actionable insight to make better policy and business decisions.

Take the next step

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence. Watch a demo to learn more about our customer intelligence software.

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