As a marketer, you’re responsible for more than campaigns and creative. It’s your job to shape the story of your company and develop communications that convert.

To generate leads, provide ROI, protect your budget and elevate the importance of marketing in your organization, you need continuous feedback from customers and other stakeholders—the calibre of feedback that enables you to make confident business decisions.


“Before our insight community, we were doing traditional customer research and conducting four large-scale, expensive studies per year. Now we are much more agile, engaging with our readers on an ongoing basis. Feedback helps the business improve products, influence marketing strategy and increase ad revenue.”

—Cathleen Williams
Executive Director of Marketing, Allure

Marketers generate results with our software

Path to purchase

Provide a deeper understanding of your customers’ path to purchase so you can effectively calibrate your company’s strategy and focus your tactics

Confident go-to-market decisions

Save time and resources by obtaining real-time feedback to verify your decisions on pricing, positioning, messaging and packaging

Ideation, innovation and co-creation

Infuse your product and service innovation processes with fresh new ideas from your customers to drive ongoing improvement

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