For today’s companies, understanding customers is a key competitive advantage. Truly effective customer experience management is proactive, not reactive—once you’ve registered a problem, the customer relationship has already been damaged. To influence outcomes much earlier in the business cycle, companies need the caliber of actionable insight that only comes from an ongoing engagement with customers.

“The feedback is instantaneous. And we can take that feedback to our executives, or to the decision table, to really inform the directions we are going.”

—Matthew Borges
Marketing Analytics and Research Manager, Boston Pizza

CX leaders generate results with our software

Build experiences

Bring direct customer feedback and insight into the initial ideation and build phase.

Measure and manage

Understand the why behind the transactional data. Deep integration into leading SaaS tools insures a seamless source of data.

Elevate the customer journey

Use your community to continuously improve and elevate each touchpoint of the customer journey.

Take the next step

Watch our demo to learn how you can elevate customer experience with ongoing insight.

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