Fragmented audiences, unlimited entertainment options and a challenging advertising landscape

The media and entertainment landscape is shifting faster than your programming schedule. Fickle audiences with divided loyalties and diminishing attention spans can watch whatever they want—whenever and wherever they want. This trend is exacerbated by omnichannel content consumption that has expanded the field of competition for viewers’ attention. TV networks aren’t just competing against each other. Today they have to contend with an array of on demand, always on options, including social media, streaming media channels like Netflix and Amazon, video games, movies and sporting events. Advertisers are scrambling to adjust, revenues are declining and traditional ratings and metrics only tell part of the story. Engaging with your audience is now as important to your success as great content


Connect directly with your audience

An insight community of engaged customers:

  • Helps build advertiser partnerships by sharing insight and providing an easy way to test products, concepts and advertising
  • Brings you closer to your audience and helps you understand how they navigate the fragmented media marketplace
  • Connects you to a nationally representative sample of your current and potential audience, giving you the flexibility to access new segments, brand-specific populations and even your competitors’ customers


Stay relevant through meaningful, ongoing, two-way relationships

  • Use insight to shape content, strategy and marketing campaigns. Leverage that insight to make faster, more educated business decisions
  • Reach your audience on the platforms, schedule and languages they prefer
  • Get actionable insight in hours or days, instead of weeks or months

How people in your industry use our platform

Consumer Insight/Segmentation

Gain a deeper understanding of the people who consume your content: their life stage, psychographics, and evolving multi-platform media usage via custom research and segmentation.

Audience Measurement & Engagement

Passively measure your viewers’ multi-platform media habits, and ask them attitudinal questions to better understand their behavior. Shift insight from the how and the what, to the why. Engage with viewers on an ongoing basis to drive insight that deepens and broadens over time.

Rapid Audience Insight & Analytics

Get insight in hours or days, instead of weeks and months. Leverage this insight to make faster, more educated business decisions.