Use agile, data-driven customer insight to respond to your customers’ evolving habits, preferences and behaviors

With the Vision Critical platform, technology companies bring together customers and end users in rapid feedback and validation programs that drive data-backed decisions across the business.


Learn how to get better insight to understand the evolving experience and expectations of your buyers and end users.

Singtel Group Digital L!fe wanted to engage with customers and incorporate their insight into key marketing and managerial decisions.


“Vision Critical is responsive, understands our unique research needs, and is more than willing to do whatever we ask…nothing rattles Vision Critical.”

—Eric Rothdeutsch
Manager of Customer and Market Insights


“The insight we receive from Telstra Catalyst allows us to make thoughtful decisions that help improve the overall experience and design of Telstra products, services and systems for our customers.”

—Jannine Wood
Catalyst Lead / The Design Practice


How customer-centric technology companies win using our software

Keep a closer pulse on customer attitudes and experiences

Optimize market position

Co-create product concepts and test user experiences

Understand loyalty drivers and anticipate customer needs

Validate go-to-market strategy and refine marketing campaigns

Increase customer adoption and conversion

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Discover how our platform’s powerful features, including the ability to integrate user and buyer data from any source with web-standard and RESTful APIs, help companies like yours.

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