Loyal customers are increasingly elusive in today’s travel industry. They have a wider range of options, including sharing services, and they’ve been empowered by travel apps and aggregators, where a better deal is only a click away. To thrive in this new climate, brands must create a distinctive and memorable experience—and keep travellers coming back. Vision Critical’s solution for the Travel and Tourism industry helps you engage with your customers to gain actionable insight to improve the end-to-end customer experience, build better products and services, and launch more successful marketing campaigns.

“Because of our insight community, our customers feel that we are more approachable – that we are in sync with who they are and what they want in travel.”

—Bashuli Sane
Product Manager, Performance Measures, Cathay Pacific

What the solution does for you

Build customer loyalty

Understand the “why” behind the NPS and JD Power travel ratings results so you can address root cause issues.

Improve customer experience

Anticipate changing customer preferences, rapidly identify issues and opportunities, and track key trends.

Test marketing ideas and channels

Validate marketing ideas and programs and choose the right channels to reach your audience to optimize media spend.

Who benefits from the solution

Marketers, product managers, product development, customer experience professionals, researchers, advertisers, sales leaders and executives all use insight communities to gain a deeper understanding of customers and gather actionable insight to make better business decisions.

Take the next step

Watch our demo and learn how you can engage your customers in ongoing feedback to inform and guide important business decisions.

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