Better understand your customers’ evolving habits, preferences and behavior

With the Vision Critical platform, retail companies create insight communities of customers to collect ongoing feedback that complements transactional CRM and loyalty data with the attitudes and opinions of customers.

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Optimizing the omnichannel experience
Creating a data-driven, customer-validated approach to e-commerce

“Having an ongoing and open dialogue with our community members is critical. They trust us and we trust them. The insight we gather is much more powerful than we’d get from ad-hoc surveys because of this ongoing relationship.”

—Marie Policastro
Director of Brand Partnerships and Market Research, Barnes & Noble College


What the solution does for you

Uncover proprietary data on consumer attitudes, preferences and opinions

Anticipate emerging retail trends

Maximize omnichannel strategies and streamline the customer journey

Develop and expand private label brands

Enhance in-store offerings and boost customer traffic

Optimize pricing and promotions

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