Sparq Spring ’19 Release Notes


This page communicates the major new features in this release of Sparq.

About this Release:

On April 23, 2019, Vision Critical announced enhancements to Sparq with over 20 product innovations. Every new feature and capability introduced in the Spring ‘19 release of Sparq was identified and vetted by customers and implemented with iterative, ongoing feedback.

New Features:


  • Question Template Library for Individuals

Authors can now save their own survey question steps, page elements, nested components, and survey actions as a template and reuse them in another survey.

The template will include all translations, images, and metadata references included in the survey step, allowing authors to more efficiently and consistently curate their own survey content.

  • Visual Enhancements to Survey Responding Buttons

New look and feel given to Single Choice and Multiple Choice questions in desktop responding, as well as some minor enhancements to Open End question types like Numeric Text Field, Long Answer, Short Answer, Phone Number, and Email.

  • Undo or Redo a Previous Edit in Survey Editor

Allows the Survey Author to revert edit mistakes.

  • Add Image to End Survey Action

Survey authors can now add an image to an End Survey action to provide a richer responding experience to members.



  • Hub Invitations

Allows Sparq administrators to post activity links directly to the member hub, and only to the member hub. Similar to other invitation types, Sparq administrators will be able to choose their recipients, set a schedule, and track participation statistics for the invitation.

  • Open Rate Tracking for Invitations & Reminders

Sparq's ability to measure the effectiveness of invitations and reminders is now strengthened with the introduction of Open Rate Tracking. In addition to seeing how many recipients started an activity, users can also see how many opened their email.

  • Media Player Element Enhancement

The media player element in survey authoring now supports uploading 250 MB video and audio files. 



  • Member Search

The ability to search for an individual member by email, member ID, or name, without creating a member group.

  • Additional Member Group Filtering

Added a “does not contain” field when filtering Open End profile variables in member group filtering and survey logic.

  • Persisted Member Group Counts

Added a count column and its timestamp to the Member Groups page so users can quickly see how many members belong to a member group.

  • Community Profile Export Enhancements

Two new columns have been added to the Community Profile Export: Count of Participated Studies and Count of Invited Studies. These new columns allow Sparq administrators to see the values used to calculate a member's participation and utilization.

  • Individual Member’s Participation Metrics

A new page on the Members Details dialog allows users to see a high-level snapshot of an individual member and their lifetime participation, response, and completion rates. This data also filters on activities that were included in community stats.

  • Additional Participation History Filters

Minor modifications to filter on the Participation History that was released in Fall ‘18. The purpose of these changes is to prevent any discrepancies between this page and Engagement Metrics, since the latter only reports on Activities Included in Stats.

  • Limit on Importing Values to a Single Choice Profile Variable

There is now a 1,000-value limit on importing Single Choice profile variables. Sparq will now automatically create the profile variable as a Text profile variable instead of a Single Choice profile variable if the 1000-value limit is exceeded, in order to enhance system performance.

  • Loss Analysis Report Update

This report will only display counts if the customer was a member prior to their departure from the community.


Analysis & Reporting

  • Public Share Links for Stories Enabled for All Communities

By default all communities will now ship with public share links turned on in order to share survey results with stakeholders with a click of a button.

  • Text Analysis is Now Generally Available in Latin-Based Languages

Text analysis with sentiment analysis in Latin-based languages is now generally available without providing a consent form. Latin-based languages include: English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese.

  • Text Analysis is HIPAA Compliant

Text Analysis was released in Fall ’18 and is now HIPAA compliant.

  • Analyze Exports with Filtering Improvement

Any filters that are applied to a report now impact all of these exports by only including responses that match the filter criteria.



  • App Center User Interface Enhancements

Refresh to the App Center User Interface.

  • Uninstall App Center Integrations

Ability to uninstall an App Center integration.

  • Delete Data Mappings

Users are now able to delete previously set data mappings of third-party data into Sparq.

  • Salesforce Syncs Scheduled to Automatically Update Every 24 Hours

When Sparq and Salesforce are combined, the data will now update every 24 hours.



  • Content Performance Metrics Enhancements

Enhance content performance analytics in Member Hubs while also providing a better user interface to display metrics.

  • Member Hub Cookies Consent

Enable a pop-up message in the Member Hub and Stakeholder Hub to inform members that cookies are used to store information on their device.

  • Admin View of Hub Added

Now there are two separate views for Hubsone for Sparq administrators and a separate view for members.