Talking Pinterest at the Shopper Marketing Summit

Talking Pinterest at the Shopper Marketing Summit

If you think Pinterest was a passing trend that doesn’t matter to your brand or customers, think again.

That’s one of the lessons in the presentation we deliver today at the Path to Purchase Institute’s Shopper Marketing Summit. The Summit gathers many of the brightest lights in the retail and CPG space, bringing them together to tackle the most pressing questions in how to engage today’s consumers. Among the key questions this year: where should we invest our social media efforts?

As the latest Vision Critical research clearly demonstrates, Pinterest is a smart way to invest some of those dollars. Following up on the 2012 survey that we published in the Harvard Business Review, the data from two 2013 surveys shows that Pinterest usage has doubled.

“Pinterest to Purchase” behaviour has grown, too. Even more of today’s Pinterest users report that they have gone on to purchase items they have pinned, either in-store or online.

We’ll share the data and findings from these studies soon. Please sign up to be notified as soon as the results are online.

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