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Directly interact with thousands of customers to accelerate innovation and co-create personalized experiences with deep customer feedback to attract and retain users.

Directly interact with thousands of customers to accelerate innovation and co-create personalized experiences with deep customer feedback to attract and retain users.

Why Technology Companies Choose Vision Critical


Enhance User Experience


Sell experiences, not just products, that resonate with key user segments


Optimize Marketing & Advertising


Create audience segmentation models and targeting algorithms to guarantee messaging resonates with key user groups


Innovate and Co-Create Products


Customer-centric user experience development co-created with customers


Integrate Data for 360 view of Customers


Augment the data in your system of record with hard-to-reach customer insights that contextualize existing data


You're in Good Company

Are You Prepared to Partner with Your Customers?

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

1 in 3 customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.

*PwC, Future of CX Survey

Deliver Real-Time Insight for Ongoing Development Sprints

GoDaddy’s insights team uses their Vision Critical Sparq digital insight community to accelerate product development, reduce costly mistakes, and develop more accurate personas.

The Vision Critical Difference for Technology Organizations

With our unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform enables Technology brands to:

Access hard-to-engage customers

Directly interact with thousands of customers in a secure online community, on demand, at scale, and in full compliance with regulatory requirements like GDPR and CCPA.

Collect continuous customer insights

Combine deep customer insight and broad customer feedback to make data-driven decisions in hours rather than days or weeks.

Provide context for existing discrete/siloed data

Connect feedback to existing systems of record and identify actionable ways to personalize and customize.

Align decision making around the customer

Create an open, centralized, and secure space so historical customer insights are available to decision-makers when they need them.

Customer Insights from Sparq Help You:

Drive Revenue Growth

Use deep customer profiling to uplift value to advertising partners.

Twitch leveraged the 22,000 members of their digital insight community to deeply understand attitudes, behaviors, and motivations that increased average advertiser deal size by $300k+.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Diagnose sources of dissatisfaction and align offerings to better understood customer segments.

GoDaddy achieved a 360 degree view of its audience with attitudinal and preference data from Sparq. They’re able to leverage deep-dive studies around customer experience with a 58% participation rate to make CX improvements at pace with 2-week sprint cycles.

Accelerate Innovation

Co-create and test product concepts and content investments with highly engaged, well understood customers.

LinkedIn Product & Product Marketing teams use directional feedback to inform strategic roadmap decisions. A recent rest of their relaunch and app upgrade drove 40% adoption in 4 months of testing.

Secure & Compliant for Technology

Our many customers within the technology industry rely on Vision Critical because of our dedication to their data security and privacy needs and the controls we have in place to support them including:


GDPR Ready


CCPA Ready


SOC2 Compliant

Security Data Sheet

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Engage with Customers for Agile Customer Feedback

Impact your organization by using Sparq to collect meaningful customer insights and guidance that can’t be obtained anywhere else.

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