System Status:

Below is an overview of the current status of our products & modules. For announcements that may pertain to your application please see our Notifications area.


Meltdown and Spectre Update

Significant vulnerabilities that affect popular computer processors, commonly referred to as Meltdown and Spectre, have recently been disclosed. We understand that a number of our customers are concerned about how these vulnerabilities affect the systems that run our Sparq platform.

Vision Critical’s security and technical teams have performed, and are continuing to perform, in-depth analysis of our production systems to determine how to best protect our systems from exploits resulting from these vulnerabilities. We have determined that the most significant exposure was related to our infrastructure hosted at Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), and this was addressed by AWS on January 4. Please see for more information.

In addition, we have been working diligently on operating system level patches. As part of the process, we are taking measures, including testing, to ensure that these patches do not adversely affect the performance of your community. We have started to apply these patches and expect them to be completed during our next scheduled maintenance window.