Two Articles on Active and Passive Mobile Research

These articles were recently published in the July edition of the AMSRS monthly magasine, Research News.

Active Mobile Research ‰ – App or Mobile Web?

With the rise of mobile technology, the way we interact with the internet has undergone a massive transformation and consumers need options to participate in research in the environment they choose. In this article, Sean Dunn, Research Director at Vision Critical, explores the pros and cons of using Apps versus the Mobile Web for running mobile surveys.

1 articles on active and passive mobile research

In this article, Vision Critical‰’s Chief Research Officer, Andrew Grenville explores the possibilities that exist for passive mobile research, including what you do on your mobile device and where you go with it. Also explored are the challenges these present: questions of privacy and willingness, and some ways in which we might overcome them.

2 articles on active and passive mobile research

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