The formula for customer happiness: 3 principles for your business

The formula for customer happiness: 3 principles for your business

What‰’s your first instinct when a company doesn‰’t treat you well? For me, it‰’s to tweet. There‰’s something about public shaming a company that feels oddly gratifying.

I am not alone. Customers are more empowered than ever, and many of us will not hesitate to use our voice on social media to tell people about our negative experiences. Because of the customer revolution, unhappy customers are able to amplify their voices quickly‰ – in some cases, fueling PR disasters that hurt the company‰’s brand and bottom line.

Brands know that an unhappy customer costs them money, but just how much are they hurting you? That‰’s the question we aimed to answer in our latest infographic, embedded below.

As companies such as United Airlines and Bank of America have experienced first-hand, the price of an unhappy customer is pretty steep‰ – and it‰’s one that companies can usually prevent. Be sure to check the bottom of the infographic to learn about the 3 guiding principles your business should follow to ensure customer happiness.‰

‰the cost of unhappy customers

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the secret to surviving the customer revolution

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