VIMN Asia: Ratings Growth

Using viewer-centric insight
to grow the VIMN Asia business

For media companies, one of the biggest changes is the proliferation of consumer choice. Consumers are more sporadic in their decisions and easily distracted by the plethora of media surrounding them every day.

Your sister company Viacom International Media Africa like Bauer Media, ESPN and News Corp use Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software to collect audience feedback in order to support advertising sales teams, content creating, marketing and branding, and digital.

Actionable customer feedback comes from an insight community composed of thousands of your viewers–trusted stakeholders who are eager to share their feedback. Learn how VIMN Asia Pacific can engage with local audiences to drive better viewer-centric decisions for the business.

How Vision Critical supports high quality viewer feedback at VIMN Africa

Ad Sales

Drive powerful audience insight to maximize viewership for your advertisers, keeping them coming back for more

Develop Better Local Content

Get insight-rich audience feedback before you launch new original content in hours or days, instead of weeks and months

Engage with Loyal Viewers

Engage in rapid, ongoing, viewer feedback and conversations, and discover your strongest supporters

Improve High Ratings Growth

Validate content programming decisions like TV show acquisitions and improve ratings by 75%. We have proof, just ask us.

But don’t take our word for it.

“Our insight community helps us understand what drives and motivates our customers with real-time feedback. This is important because we’re able to give our advertising clients feedback on their investment, and build strategic long-term partnerships. ”

—Justin Stone
Director of Research, Bauer Media


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