An insight community is composed of your most trusted stakeholders—your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni. As insight community members, they give you rapid and ongoing feedback—actionable intelligence you use to make confident business decisions.

Insight communities allow companies to engage with customers in an ongoing, two-way dialogue that respects their individuality and their humanity, and which complements other data sources, like Big Data, CRM and social media analytics.

Insight communities provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers

When you understand the perspectives, needs and desires of your customers, you can make smarter, more confident decisions. Insight communities help guide your growth with intelligence directly from the customers who fuel it. Unlike ad hoc surveys, insight communities are comprised of customers who have opted in to give feedback. They’ve done so because they know that companies take the high-quality feedback gathered through an insight community seriously.

They are designed for the long term, for insight that builds over time

Because insight communities are built on long-term, meaningful relationships between brands and customers, companies know with whom they’re interacting. Customer feedback through an insight community is created in a context that makes it instantly meaningful. And since customers develop longlasting relationships with companies, they’re invested in the company’s long-term success and have an incentive to offer the kind of high-quality feedback that leads to actionable insight.

The Result: Collective Wisdom

Build better products

Understand how your products fit and function in the lives of your customers.

Provide better service

Discover the opportunities to transform service obstacles into successes.

Deliver better results

Equip your teams with the collective wisdom they need to move your business forward.

Feedback You Can Trust:

Only an insight community delivers actionable customer intelligence

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