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Over 600 global brands choose Vision Critical. Here’s why.

1. Higher quality insight with less effort and less time

  • Build deeper customer understanding over time. Improve the quality of insight without asking the same questions over and over again
  • Quantitative and qualitative capabilities in one platform. No additional integrations required
  • Powerful APIs to add context to your CRM and demographic data

2. Best-in-class community management expertise

  • 20 years of community-building experience for enterprise-level brands
  • Robust community health metrics built in
  • Secure online private training and education

3. Unparalleled value and ROI

  • Unlimited activities without additional fees
  • Reduced research costs over time
  • Rich reporting and analytics capabilities

“Having an ongoing and open dialogue with our community members is critical. They trust us and we trust them. The insight we gather is much more powerful than we’d get from ad-hoc surveys because of this ongoing relationship.”

—Marie Policastro
Director of Brand Partnerships and Market Research, Barnes & Noble College


“Our insight community is integral to us delivering new programs and projects, and growing the business. The speed of insight is one of the best things about using Vision Critical.”

—Shannon Chenoweth
Market Research Manager, DEWALT


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