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It’s like having thousands of customers
in your boardroom

Mobile surveys and forums

Make your surveys and discussion forums fully accessible from smartphones, tablets and notebooks, so customers can respond wherever they are.

Engaging discussion forums

Dive into deeper discussions with your community members, have meaningful conversations, and gain insights into their relationship with you.

Customized member portals

Provide your members with online portals to give them access to your surveys and discussions, and share what you've learned back to your community.

Visual questions

Create beautiful, visual questions so members stay engaged, from start to finish.

VC Insight Communities

Over 650 brands have chosen Vision Critical® to create their insight communities, with millions of members participating in different languages from countries all around the world.

Have meaningful conversations with your customers with insight communities and get the data you need to stay competitive. Your own insight community gives you the kind of scale, flexibility and long-term longitudinal analysis that is simply not possible through ad hoc research.

Whether you're testing a new product idea, considering a change to your advertising, altering your prices, or dealing with a customer service issue, asking your customers what they think will help your ideas succeed in the marketplace.

Hear What Your Customers are Saying

People are already talking about your company. Why not be part of the conversation? Insight communities include people that you invite from your business intelligence, social media marketing, customer relationship management and customer information systems.

Learn What Others are Saying Too

Insight communities can go beyond your customers, letting you listen to the voice of the market. Learn about your non-customers—those using a competitor’s product, or people considering your products or services from a distance. 

Customer Story

"The Official NASCAR Fan Council has created a real shift in company culture. We’re getting back to basics; back to our core fan. The turnkey product and infrastructure from Vision Critical was exactly what we were looking for."

Brian Moyer, Managing Director, Market and Media Research, NASCAR

Customer Story
Yahoo! Inc.

"We’re able to answer our client’s questions in a quick and reliable way which has really helped us to stand out from the competition and provide us with a significant competitive advantage in my opinion."

David Iudica, Director, Strategic Insights and Research, Yahoo! Inc.

Top solutions for VC Insight Communities

Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your company's walls.
Crowd Sourcing
A motivated group of your customers can offer you new and interesting marketing ideas.
Crowd Sourcing
Concept Development and Testing
Test your concepts with your customers to find out if your idea has traction.
Concept Testing
Test your ad concepts with a broad cross-section of your customer base.
Ad and Media Testing
Customer Satisfaction
Gain a deep understanding of consumer satisfaction and loyalty to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your customers.
Customer Satisfaction
Campaign Innovation & Evaluation
Looking to create a new campaign? How will it be received by the market?
Campaign Innovation and Evaluation
Product and Portfolio Optimization
The constant strive for product perfection is an ongoing challenge for every organization.
Product Optimization


Working with customers to identify where gaps may exist in your product line is a rewarding exercise. Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your company's walls. What's driving sales? How do customers make their purchase decisions? What competitive products are they trying? Interact with your community in this qualitative stage, to gather thoughts and ideas about how new products might look, taste, be marketed, priced and sold. Brainstorm product names, features, ingredients, even prices. Research that could take 4-6 weeks for each new ideation exercise can be completed in days.

Crowd Sourcing

A motivated group of your customers can not only help you create new product and service ideas, but can also offer you new and interesting marketing ideas. A lively discussion forum can generate an abundance of new ideas to market and promote your business. All you have to do is engage with them. See the broad and complex advertising world through their own eyes. Create effective ideas for digital, print, radio or television advertisements, all reflecting the interests and tastes of your customer base.

Concept Testing

You have a promising new product or service idea in mind, and now it's time take your concepts to a broader audience. To find out if your idea has traction, why not test your theories with your customers? Share realistic representations of the final offer–all within the structured and organized environment of your online insight community. Work out the details, and get realistic feedback from a group of people representative of your customer base.

Ad and Media Testing

What better way to test the effectiveness of your ad or media campaign than to reach out directly to an insight community that represents your target market? Deploy surveys and create discussion forums for your insight community members to measure if your campaign will have the desired impact you planned.

Customer Satisfaction

Trying to create more value for your customers? Start with a deep understanding of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Field effective customer satisfaction studies to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your customers. From study design, to data collection, analytics and reporting, our solutions help you build an accurate picture of your customers and prospects, and a means to engage them to dive deeper into topics that matter to them.

Campaign Innovation and Evaluation

Innovate and evaluate campaigns with your insight community. Work with the members of your insight community to create innovative new campaigns or test the market response to campaigns you are about to launch.

Product Optimization

Better products = Happy customers = More customers = Growing company. Leverage the power of the users of your products to obtain valuable feedback and optimize your product portfolio.

The value of insight communities from Vision Critical

  • Get started quickly, and manage with ease

    Our centralized dashboard lets you coordinate all your research projects from a single location. Our surveys and forums are easy to build, and our insight community platform provides high-quality real-time response data, with user-friendly tools to analyze and interpret the information.

  • Reach your customers around the world

    Our platform supports communities that extend across the globe, with multilingual screens and scalability to support small intimate groups or international communities with thousands of members. Surveys and forums are mobile-optimized, allowing you to engage with your community members wherever they are.

  • Obtain more meaningful results 

    Our well-researched design tools help you engage your members to maximize completion and response rates, keeping ongoing costs low while leveraging sophisticated market research principles.

  • Build long-term relationships

    Invite your community members in, ask them questions to build a profile, and then get on with your research. Our system keeps the answer to every question asked. This deep, long-term knowledge helps you understand your customers and prospects, and gain invaluable insights.


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