Flexible community management and research consulting services customized for your needs

Vision Critical® offers expert community engagement and research consulting services to optimize your insight community. As pioneers in online research technology, Vision Critical is the leading global authority in community and research management. Our flexible service model can help you maintain and improve member retention and engagement to maximize your ongoing return on investment. Our expert services revolve around four pillars:

1. Insight community planning

We help guide you through planning and set up, making the process as simple as possible while maximizing the effectiveness of the strategy behind it.

2. Community management

We help you create an authentic member experience so that your insight community is an ongoing and reliable resource for consumer insights.

3. Community research

Leverage our expertise to deliver a full range of research activities—qualitative to quantitative research, simple to complex.

4. Maximize our technology with services tailored to your industry

Vision Critical experts provide industry-specific research and engagement strategies to help you benefit from our technology. Visit our industry pages to learn more:

Media and Entertainment
Consumer, Retail and Shopper Insights
Financial Services
Citizen Consultation and Engagement

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  • “We’ve honed our skills by setting up more than 600 insight communities worldwide, helping over 650 brands create their own private communities, and deploying 300+ community activities weekly.”

    Denise Jasienczyk, EVP, Client Services,
    Vision Critical

  • “Our team of skilled Community Managers will help you recruit your insight community, keep the members engaged, and help you attain the best insights possible.”

    Denise Jasienczyk, EVP, Client Services,
    Vision Critical

Maximize insights from your community

Our research and engagement experts understand how to maximize the insights achieved from your insight community, while maintaining a high level of engagement among members. Vision Critical's unprecedented support provides valuable benefits that improve results.

  • Improve member retention

    Use highly engaging visual questions such as interactive card sort, magnetic board, allocation slider and rich media to build surveys that people want to do.

  • Improve engagement

    Our sophisticated engagement techniques help you find ways to build a genuine connection with members, and keep them coming back.

  • Leverage our research management expertise

    Apply best practices throughout the entire process from planning and recruitment through to ongoing performance checks.

  • Choose a service model that fits your business

    Our flexible service model offers full-service turnkey solutions, complete self-service solutions or something in the middle, We do what works for you.


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