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Elevate your existing direct Voice of the Customer strategy with a customer insight community comprised of thousands of highly engaged, opted-in customers and prospects.

Make better decisions with fast, agile and iterative feedback. Insight that the world’s most customer-centric brands use to build better products and services, personalize marketing campaigns and enhance the customer experience at critical touchpoints.

An insight community is a customer engagement platform businesses use to uncover agile, actionable, first party data from the right people at the right time - at scale. Deeply profiled customers who have given their consent to participate in ongoing activities. Customers who are highly engaged in both the activities and the outcome of their feedback.

Ongoing, real-time customer feedback informs strategic decision making, validates brand and marketing plans, and accelerates the development of new services and products your customers want.

Customers opt-in to engage with your brand because they want to have a positive impact on the products and services that matter to them. And, because customers engage repeatedly over time, you can build rich, relevant customer profiles that complement and enhance the data stored in your CRM or system of record. These profiles align stakeholders across the business around a unified understanding of the customer.

Why do the world's most customer-centric companies use our platform?

Our Sparq platform brings customer-centric strategies to life by allowing people across the enterprise to align around the customer by providing:

Rapid, reliable access to hard-to-engage users and customers

  • Engage well-profiled customers at scale in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Agile, scalable feedback in real time

  • Uncover customer validated, data-backed insight in tempo with business needs and innovation cycles

Feedback that complements and enhances existing customer information

  • Break down silos and elevate feedback that that explains transactional and behavioral data and the reasons behind customer behavior.

Personalized, relevant engagements

  • Deliver a personal, transparent, on-brand insight gathering experience that drives industry leading response rates.

Repeatable Outcomes

  • Drive revenue through relevant customer offers by better understood segments of customers
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction by strengthening the alignment product and service offerings and the user
  • Accelerate the innovation cycle by injecting reliable market and customer insight into the development process
  • De-risk decisions by aligning products and services with the needs of the customer before investment commitments are made and products/services are launched.
  • Enrich the system of record with data and variables collected during each engagement that create a robust and unified customer view.

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