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When you understand your customers, you can make smarter, more confident business decisions. Sparq, our customer intelligence platform, helps you engage the right customers at the right time to generate the collective wisdom you need to grow. Solve your biggest business challenges with the help of ongoing, secure customer insight through a branded insight community.


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Our customer intelligence software adapts to fit your needs, whether you are a marketer working on customer engagement and feedback, a technology company building a new application or a retail enterprise launching an advertising campaign.

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customer intelligence for marketing


Build better campaigns with the insight only engaged customers can provide


Market Researchers

Generate rapid customer feedback and provide actionable insight to the business

Product Developers & Innovators

Product Developers & Innovators

Infuse meaningful customer feedback into the product innovation process


Customer Experience

Improve your customer experience through continuous customer and user feedback


Business Leaders

Engage the right customers and get answers to the right questions

Human Resources

Gather employee feedback to drive change in your business


Sales & Operations

Gather customer feedback on your sales and operations team to boost acquisition

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“We needed a solution that would give us robust, timely deep insight from our students, faculty and alumni.”

—Kari Grist
Managing Director, Communications and Marketing


“Our insight community is integral to us delivering new programs and projects, and growing the business. The speed of insight is one of the best things about using Vision Critical.”

—Shannon Chenoweth
Market Research Manager


“It’s exciting for us to interact with our audience in real time, to get their feedback, and to empower them—they give us the guidance we need to make decisions that impact every part of our company.”

—Kevin Conroy
Chief Strategy and Data Officer,
and President of Enterprise Development,


“As the pace of decision-making at Adobe has accelerated, our insight community has enabled us to provide fast, reliable insight and recommendations to help our leaders make better decisions.”

—Lori Iventosch-James
Group Research Manager, Marketing Insights, and Operations


“We are able to do significantly more research at a fraction of the cost. We’re able to access more than 15,000 of our viewers every day and turn around research in 24-48 hours, which we do all the time. We love it.”

—Colby Flint
Corporate Research Strategist


“The thing we really like about the BeerXChange is how much beer drinkers are really becoming true advocates of our brand. They really enjoy helping out the organization, they love that their voice is heard and that we take their insights and their feedback and turn it into action.”

—Amber Hudson
Consumer Insights