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People matter. People have wisdom that is worth listening to, learning from and acting on. That is what drives us. Continuous customer intelligence to power companies with the collective wisdom of the people that matter to them: the people who work for them, buy from them and engage with them. Where others see surveys, faceless respondents, forums and posts, we see people. Communities of people. People with something to contribute. People who want to help you be better.

Who is Vision Critical?

Vision Critical provides customer relationship intelligence software that enables large enterprises to be fast, responsive and customer-centric. With its unique, relationship-based approach, Vision Critical’s Sparq platform lets brands directly interact with communities of opted-in customers. Unlike traditional voice of customer methods, Vision Critical unlocks the real-time feedback that companies need to build better products, deliver better services and achieve better business outcomes hand in hand with their own highly engaged, well-profiled customers.

Hundreds of high-performance organizations across multiple industries use Vision Critical’s technology, including Buzzfeed, Aurora Health Care, LinkedIn, and more.


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