“The insight we receive from Telstra Catalyst allows us to make thoughtful decisions that help improve the overall experience and design of Telstra products, services and systems for our customers.”

—Jannine Wood
Catalyst Lead / The Design Practice

Consumer Email Migration Trials

From past experience, Telstra knew that a poor or confusing migration experience would adversely affect their customer advocacy scores, lead to negative brand perception, and result in costly help desk call volumes. Avoiding these negative outcomes are high priorities for the business. Using the community, the Catalyst team was able to test the end-to-end migration experience of existing customer email services over to a new Telstra Mail platform. After conducting the studies, the team learned that they needed more clear communication and were able to re-adjust within a two-week period before launch. Further insight showed minor bug fixes that the product team could not manage before launch; however, they were able to proactively prepare customer communications, having a Q&A with common questions ready to respond to customers, in advance. As a result, Telstra was able to test the migration experience in a ‘safe’ employee environment where they identified and addressed problem areas before activating the migration with 820,000 customers.

Telstra TV Product Trials

Telstra wanted to understand the overall experience to inform future customer journey mapping and specific business decisions for Telstra TV, Telstras on-demand TV and streaming service. Over several weeks, 100 Telstra employees received a Telstra TV bundle and participated in three surveys and a continuous online forum exploring product set up, usage of content, usage of apps and the overall experience. As a result, the product teams were able to feed the insight quickly back into product development cycles. For example, a key insight showed that 37% of people were confused at a specific touch point in the process; the product team was about to correct and prioritize the issue first.

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