Optimize your insight community

Vision Critical offers expert community engagement and research consulting services to optimize your insight community. As pioneers in online research technology, Vision Critical is the leading global authority in community and research management. Our flexible service model can help you maintain and improve member retention and engagement to maximize your ongoing return on investment. Our expert services revolve around four pillars:

Insight Community planning

We help guide you through planning and setup, making the process as simple as possible while maximizing the effectiveness of the strategy behind it.

Community management

We help you create an authentic member experience so that your insight community is an ongoing and reliable resource for customer intelligence.

Community research

Leverage our expertise to deliver a full range of research activities, from qualitative to quantitative and simple to complex.

Tailored to your industry

We provide industry and role-specific research and engagement strategies to help you benefit from our technology.

We decided to work with Vision Critical because they bring a very creative approach. It’s working with wonderful, smart, insightful people who truly make what we do even better.

Amber Hudson

Consumer Insights, Molson Coors

“When something is key and strategic to your business, having a 360-degree view of customer perception is absolutely imperative.”

— Emma Johnson
Manager, ConsumerOne Connection & Experience Innovation,
Toyota GB


“Our insight community gives us the data we need to enhance customer experience quickly in a cost-effective way.”

—Mike Thiede
Customer Experience Consultant, Alliant Energy


“Paperboy wouldn’t have launched without the insights gathered by Bauer NZ’s team…the insights told us we were doing the right thing.”

—Jeremy Hansen
Editor, Paperboy


“Midea has ambition of making people across the world feel at home. I think in Indonesia, the Midea community we are working on is really making our members feel at home.”

—Jodie Wang
Head of Consumer & Market Insights, Midea Group


“The consumer has always been at the heart of all we do at Carman’s and the community has given us a level of closeness and insight that we’ve never had before.”

—Carolyn Creswell
CEO, Carman’s Fine Foods


“Running the Club Jetstar survey helped us validate what our customers want from a paid membership program. The insights helped shape our marketing message, ensuring that we’re communicating the benefits that are most appealing to our customers.”

—Nicole Kulma
Senior Marketing Advisor, Jetstar


“The PRU for You online community has completely transformed the way in which we engage with and collect customer feedback.”

—Angela Hunter
Chief Customer Officer, Prudential Singapore


“We had access to a ready pool of shoppers, so we were able to put our smart phone shopping app, ‘Geni’, in the hands of end users without building a fully-fledged application.”

—Shannon Alba
National Digital Innovation Manager, Stockland


“Customer insight helped us validate existing ideas and explore new ones, giving a big program some solid ground to stand on.”

—Jaimes Nel
Senior Service Designer, Westpac


“When we have projects that require quick turnaround, everyone at Hyundai relies on our insight community to get the answers.”

—Elijah Kim
Senior Manager, Market Research, Hyundai Motor America


“Having an ongoing and open dialogue with our community members is critical. They trust us and we trust them. The insight we gather is much more powerful than we’d get from ad-hoc surveys because of this ongoing relationship.”

—Marie Policastro
Director of Brand Partnerships and Market Research, Barnes & Noble College


“The future is unknown—it’s constantly evolving. The customer intelligence we capture through our insight community helps us understand our female shoppers, so we can meet their needs and be with them through changes.”

—Ivy Boehm
Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Chico’s


“The business would move forward without insights, but what the community enables us to do is bring the voice of the customer into some of our biggest decisions and move forward more confidently.”

—Ross McLelland
General Manager, Customer Insights and Market Research, Telstra


“YourSpace has been the key enabler of the ABC’s strategy on being far more audience centric”

— Mark Tapley,
Head of Corporate Strategy and Planning, ABC


“We’ve gone  from being a manufacturing-led company to a consumer-centric company…‘Mums’ drive what we produce, what we market and what decisions we make.”

—Alla Nock,
Market Research and Analytics Manager, Kimberly-Clark Australia


“Our insight community is integral to us delivering new programs and projects, and growing the business. The speed of insight is one of the best things about using Vision Critical.”

—Shannon Chenoweth
Market Research Manager, DEWALT


“We see our insight community as an ongoing conversation with the people we serve. Meaningful engagement gives us richer insight and ensures that loyal customers know they have a genuine stake in the future of our company.”

—Alex McGowan
General Manager, Sales and Distribution, Cathay Pacific Airways


“Feedback is instantaneous, so we can take it directly to our executives to inform the direction of our business.”

—Matthew Borges
Marketing Analytics and Research Manager, Boston Pizza International


“We’ve been able to ask the fans and get an answer within 48 hours, which is fantastic because internal stakeholders make decisions based on insight rather than gut feel.”

—Erica County
Research Analyst, Australian Football League


“Before our insight community, we were doing traditional customer research and conducting four large-scale, expensive studies per year. Now we are much more agile, engaging with our readers on an ongoing basis. Feedback helps the business improve products, influence marketing strategy and increase ad revenue.”

—Cathleen Williams
Executive Director of Marketing, Allure


“Our insight community helps us understand what drives and motivates our customers with real-time feedback. This is important because we’re able to give our advertising clients feedback on their investment, and build strategic long-term partnerships. ”

—Justin Stone
Director of Research, Bauer Media


“The insight community helps Westfield be who we say we are—we share knowledge and we build trust, not only with customers and agents, but with our own employees as well.”

—Amy Feeman
Research Professional, Westfield Insurance


“An insight community connects the company with fans as people, rather than just seeing them as numbers or television ratings. We’re really able to engage with them and show them that we’re listening to what they have to say.”

—Dan Hom
Manager, International Research ESPN Research & Analytics


“We needed a solution that would give us robust, timely deep insight from our students, faculty and alumni.”

—Kari Grist
Managing Director, Communications and Marketing





Singtel Group Digital L!fe wanted to engage with customers and incorporate their insight into key marketing and managerial decisions.


“We are able to do significantly more research at a fraction of the cost. We’re able to access more than 15,000 of our viewers every day and turn around research in 24-48 hours, which we do all the time. We love it.”

—Colby Flint
Corporate Research Strategist


“We want to understand what makes the lottery exciting and attractive for all our player types. Our insight community is a great asset, providing longitudinal insight and an understanding of how we can attract and engage with new players.”

—Lori Harris
Director of Draw Games




“Only by focusing on what our customer needs are, not just today, but as they evolve over time, can we hope to maintain the competitive edge in our products, in our services and in our marketing to our members.”

Ed Lara
Director, Marketing Strategy




“We can use One Community to ask those very specific questions about a very specific product or category and give advertisers not only quick answers, but in-depth, very meaningful answers. And that is very, very valuable to our work.”

—Peggy Byrd
VP, Integrated Marketing, Radio One


“Vision Critical is responsive, understands our unique research needs, and is more than willing to do whatever we ask…nothing rattles Vision Critical.”

—Eric Rothdeutsch
Manager of Customer and Market Insights


“Regular interaction with urban audiences has given Exterion Media a level of engagement and understanding that no other outdoor media company currently offers.”

—Gemma Proctor
Head of Marketing and Business Development




“The thing we really like about the BeerXChange is how much beer drinkers are really becoming true advocates of our brand. They really enjoy helping out the organization, they love that their voice is heard and that we take their insights and their feedback and turn it into action.”

—Amber Hudson
Consumer Insights


“KP Member Voice is a great way for us to reach our members. We can close the loop by showing them we want to hear from them and that their opinion is valued.”

-Karen Tsang
National Market Research



“Members of the insight community really feel like they have an impact on what goes on with Golf Digest. It’s been a very strong way to engage what I think is a very special set of our readers.”

—Chris Barton,
Former Associate Director of Strategic Marketing, Golf Digest



“The insight we receive from Telstra Catalyst allows us to make thoughtful decisions that help improve the overall experience and design of Telstra products, services and systems for our customers.”

—Jannine Wood
Catalyst Lead / The Design Practice


“Our insight community is fundamental to helping the gallery move from a product- to audience-focused organization. In a fast-paced, technology driven and self-curated world, we needed this competitive edge.”

—Natasha Henry
Head of Marketing, Art Gallery NSW


If you want answers to important business questions, the best people to ask are your customers