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Connect and Engage with Customers and Broad Audiences

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Connect and Engage with Customers and Broad Audiences

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Connect and Engage on Their Turf

Touchpoint is a cloud-based application that enables brands to create quick and engaging interactions with their customers to collect feedback or other preference data, drive calls-to-action (CTA), and engage. With Touchpoint, brands can connect with these individuals to easily collect feedback through social media channels and websites where they spend their time. Touchpoint helps brands extend their reach as a stand-alone application or augment the deep insights already collected through a digital insight community.

The Touchpoint Difference:

Reach existing customers and broader audiences

Unlike many traditional methods of customer engagement, Touchpoint provides brands with a new and powerful way to collect information from customers, insight community members and broader audiences in a visually compelling experience. By reaching these segments in the online environments they prefer and with mobile-friendly activities, brands can extend reach and increase engagement.

Fill in customer insight gaps with quick hits of feedback

Use feedback collected via Touchpoint to augment existing customer data and insights. Data collected through Touchpoint can be exported to inform and enhance existing customer insights such as those developed through Sparq insight communities.

Create and administer activities using existing skills and resources

Designed for lightweight and intuitive administration, Touchpoint makes it easy for users to create fun, compelling activities that leverage existing skills and marketing and design assets, enabling the application to easily fit within the existing technology stack.

Touchpoint Data Sheet

Reaching Mobile-First Consumers

3.5 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing. That equates to about 45% of the population in 2019.1

On average, people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day.2

Mobile traffic was responsible for 52.2% of internet traffic in 2018, up from 50.3% in 2017.2

1. Emarsys, 2019.
2. ClickZ Internet growth + usage stats 2019

Engage, Recruit and Collect Feedback

Connect and engage diverse customer segments with quick, compelling, and fun activities that are sure to entice even the most reticent customers.

Broad Audience Reach

Engage with customers on their turf

Deploy multiple activities through various channels to understand the most effective methods to engage broader audiences.

Extend reach to customers traditionally difficult to connect with, such as millennial males or Gen Zs, by placing quick, short and fun activities on social or other online sites where they spend their time.


Feedback Collection

Collect broad feedback to augment deep insights

Design polls with question branching to reach specific target segments and personalize questions based on responses.

Gain insight through quick hits of feedback such as preference data, and even collect feedback on A/B tests and product development concepts.


Flexible Calls-to-Action

Elicit specific calls-to-action for targeted segments

Ask pre-qualifying questions before presenting a CTA to audiences to help minimize noise and increase collection of relevant data.

Easily embed CTAs in activities such as digital insight community recruitment, newsletter sign-up, and email collection for other marketing and lead generation initiatives.


Intuitive Administration

Designed for easy, lightweight administration, Touchpoint was built with the guiding principle of simplicity.

Activity Builder

Build powerful and compelling activities with ease

Utilize the easy and intuitive activity builder to quickly design creative activities aligned to target audience journeys for optimized answer rates.

Re-use existing marketing and design assets in a new way to create compelling on-brand activities without lengthy design and approval cycles.


Activity Analysis

Powerful built-in analysis capabilities provide instant insight

Make informed business decisions based on intuitive activity response breakdown and results over time including when and where activity completions are highest.

Analyze results in a real-time dashboard to including total views, completions, partial completes, completed CTAs, and emails collected.


Web Integration

Deploy website pop-ups quickly for agile marketing and feedback collection

Easily integrate to website once for continuous deployment of multiple activities, and without reliance on other departments such as IT.

Determine when and where on the page the pop-up deploys to ensure activity is launched with visitor context.


Extend Reach and Engage Customers with Touchpoint

Contact us today to learn how you can augment your existing engagement and recruitment methods to reach customers and broader market segments resistant to traditional tactics.

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