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In business, we spend a great deal of our time improving what we do by making things cheaper, or faster, or better. Ideally, by achieving some element of all three. These improvements are typically tweaks, line extensions, and modifications. However, there are times when what is needed is a re-engineering of the process, going right back to basics and designing the solution around the key business needs.

As I pointed out in an earlier post, "Right but late is useless", the number one business need, at the moment, is to get good answers to decision makers quickly enough for those answers to be useful to them. To achieve that change, market researchers and insight professionals need to do more than just tweak their methods, they need to engage in real business process re-engineering, which is what we at Vision Critical have been working on for the past few months.

"Built for Speed" is the term we have adopted for our re-engineering process. We have been looking at everything we do from the bottom-up and have been seeking to create new systems which are built around the notion of speed, to ensure that the answers we facilitate get to decision makers fast enough to be actually used, and thereby improve decision making and business outcomes.

We will be rolling this new approach out over the next few months, with exciting changes to our platform, our processes, and the way we think and respond to clients, partners, and colleagues. To kick start this new "Built for Speed" approach we have summarized our thinking in a short eBook called The Quick and the Dead, A Manifesto For Change in Consumer Insights.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our manifesto for change. Do you agree that speed is the number one unmet research need amongst senior decision makers today?

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