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It's no surprise that budgets are shrinking and with them so are timelines, however the need for speed is ever increasing. Last week saw the first (of hopefully many) Vision Critical run events in London. On Friday, we welcomed 35 research buyers and partners to Vinopolis for what turned into a nearly full day event, concluding with a wine tasting session.

The audience heard from research, panel and market panel buyers who talked about their need for speed in all levels of research. Ray Poynter demonstrated, through various interactive activities, that overthinking projects can sometimes lead us to the wrong conclusion, this tied in well with Nestl̩'s discussion of 'simplexity'. Ray's maths problems brought us back to the basic lessons we learned in our primary maths classes. It reminded us that our brains often work via heuristics, as described by Daniel Kahneman's recent book Thinking Fast and Slow.

The morning started with attendees choosing their top 6 out of 12 questions to go into field and showcased Vision Critical's speed capabilities. These questions were deployed to our market panel in the UK, Springboard, twitter and to the mobile device of everyone in the room. The survey was left open throughout the event receiving over 500 completes within the first two-and-a-half hours, a showcase to Vision Critical's speed capabilities. At the end of the event Mike Stevens, Managing Director of London, showed the audience the results in a gamified presentation where the attendees scored the real results against their own estimates.

Mike Stevens also presented an inspiring video that summed up the full process of a 72 hour research project. When the video finished attendees' attention was drawn to the tables where the infographic from the project were laid out. The video has been described as 'what research should be' and enabled both the attendees and the entire VC staff to see a project from start to finish.

The three presentations, which can be accessed below, could all be summed up by one theme, the need for speed. The day was well received by all our guests and we are looking to hold more events later in the year.


Presentation by Catherine Beri̬re, Strategic Insight Manager, Nestl̩, Professional Beverages and Chris Wood, Regional Insight Champion, Nestl̩, Professional Beverages, Europe.

Presentation by Mike Stevens, Managing Director of Vision Critical, UK.

Presentation by Ray Poynter, EVP, Vision Critical.

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