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At the 2014 Vision Critical EMEA Summit, attendees have voted Exterion Media’s as the EMEA Insight Community of the Year. Exterion Media (formerly known as CBS Outdoor UK) is the leading out-of-home media owner in the UK, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach and engage with the UK’s urban audiences.

The strong field of nominations this year included adidas Insiders (for its 2,200-strong community), City Voice (Manchester City’s 4,000 community), FireStarters (Nando’s South Africa with its 3,400 members), MovieMinds (Ster-Kinekor’s community of 3,000 cinema goers) and Vodafone Kundenboard, Vodafone GmbH – Germany’s community.

The success of has elevated the role of customer intelligence at Exterion Media. The community helped drive sales for Exterion Media in tangible ways. In 2014, generated nearly £6m in revenue for the out-of-home media owner.

“We’ve had a huge impact on Exterion Media’s bottom line, with three of our major initiatives alone (‘The Look Book’, ‘The Arts’ and ‘Holidays & Travel’) generating £1.2m, £1m and £3.6m respectively in revenue terms, as well as opening countless doors for our sales teams and bolstering relationships with existing advertisers,” says Nicola Barrett, Research Manager at Exterion Media. “ also continues to underpin strategically important projects reinforcing Exterion Media’s positioning.”

Exterion’s insight community of over 10,000 people plays a key role in forging media partnerships, an important aspect of the company’s business.  Barrett says insight from has enhanced the company’s offerings in pitches and brought existing partners closer. Last year, Exterion collaborated with key partners Westfield, First Group and TfL on projects involving

“The TfL contract, is essential to Exterion Media’s business,” shares Barrett. “As TfL seeks to drive new revenue streams, Exterion Media has taken a consultative role in which research expertise plays a major part. has become a trusted and valued data partner for TfL, collaborating with them on important and confidential research projects in the last year.”

Exterion also found a way to use insights from to drive PR initiatives—an impressive achievement in the B2B space where brand awareness is often low. By offering original stats and insight on media consumption and digital trends, has generated 41% of all of Exertion’s PR value so far this year. has become the company’s consumer-facing brand.

Adds Barrett, “Through a collaborative approach, and the insights team have become integral to everything Exterion Media does, delivering huge ROI, starting conversations and strengthening relationships with clients, agencies and our partners.”

From the Vision Critical EMEA team, congrats again to Exterion Media!

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