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Are people freaked out of clowns? Is FOMO (fear of missing out) a real thing, or is it just the latest urban myth?

In the spirit of Halloween, we recently asked Canadians what they're afraid of. We gave them a list of some common fears, asked them to pick their top 10, and then challenged them to rank those things from scariest to the least scary.

So what did we learn? Some surprising stuff: Canadians are more afraid of their dentists than of flying. More people fear dogs than clowns. And people would rather get stuck in a tiny room than speak to a large audience.

The encouraging thing is that #FOMO isn't as prominent yet. Sure, the Millennials (age 18 to 34) that we talked to were more likely to say that they are afraid of being left out of parties, meetings or other invitations - but people don't find that as scary as snakes, death or height.

biggest fears

Biggest fears 2

Thanks to Noah Marconi, Andrew Grenville, Laura Dixon and Carolyn Laihow for all their help with this mini-project.

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