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Mobile happens. Whether you know it or not, every survey you send out will have someone answering it, or attempting to answer it, on a mobile device. If people can't do the survey on their device of choice, when they want to do it, what kind of bias are you introducing to your sample? You need to make sure the online survey platform you are using fully supports mobile.

There are many different online survey platforms and many of them claim to have support for mobile responding. Some offer specific mobile "skins" but beware - not all surveys taken on a mobile device are created equal. In most cases the provider modifies their existing interface so that the survey is "feasible" on mobile. At least the respondents can answer the survey, right? If you were offered a gourmet meal, but could only eat it through a straw, would that be good enough?

What's needed for mobile is a responsive web design. This is an interface designed in such a way that it can easily be viewed on any device without requiring the user to zoom or scroll excessively. When presented with a responsive web design, the survey respondent should easily be able to view the survey questions and with minimal interaction easily answer the questions. How do the mobile solutions you're using stack up?

When evaluating a mobile solution don't just take the provider's word for it, ask to see the survey on a mobile device. Make sure to try and answer it and take note of any annoying interactions. They will annoy your respondents as well, and it will affect your research.

In addition, ask to see any whitepapers or research on research that demonstrates that the mobile interface gets similar results to the desktop browser interface. To see some of Vision Critical's research on research click here, or see our whole section on Mobile here.

In the future as more and more people move towards mobile devices for the majority of their interactions, having an excellent mobile user experience for respondents will be essential. Mobile happens. Are you ready?

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