Red Bull

By delivering actionable and quick insight on evolving consumer preferences, Red Bull’s Shopper Insights team earned the right to help lead the business

Delivers insights to retail partners

Shapes pricing, promotion and placement decisions

4% growth in a competitive, mature category


Red Bull is a global media, marketing and sports powerhouse. The Shopper Insights team at the company’s North American division helps internal stakeholders and retail partners better understand shopper behavior.

Fast Facts


Consumer goods



Insights professionals

Product Managers

Use case:

Marketing effectiveness

Business Outcome:

Drive revenue growth

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

In consumer goods, it is not uncommon for established companies to see flat or declining growth. Red Bull always bucked that trend, but the company wanted to understand evolving behaviors and preferences to continue to drive growth. Traditional ad hoc research was not keeping pace with the dizzying pace of change in consumer goods and retail.

As a company that prides itself for being insight-driven, Red Bull sought to find a more agile way of understanding its core customers of millennial consumers. And to win the battle for shelf space, the company needed to help retail partners better understand the end consumers.


The company launched a community of consumers passionate about the energy drink category. By providing a deeper understanding of consumer preferences, the community challenges widely-held assumptions. The company, for instance, learned that who consumes Red Bull drinks—and how and when they buy—were changing. Data from the community provides insight on the competitive landscape, revealing channels the company can enhance to improve growth. The community helps Red Bull deliver more value to retailers. The company shares insight that partners can use to optimize their in-store promotional tactics. By offering original, proprietary insight, Red Bull is redefining its relationship with retailers while driving growth in an important sales channel.

Delivers insights to retail partners

Shapes pricing, promotion and placement decisions

4% growth in a competitive, mature category

A deeper understanding of customer attitudes helps us optimize our retail strategy, including pricing, promotion and placement. Our community gives us the data we need to activate marketing campaigns with a higher degree of accuracy and effect.

-Sarah Shain, Shopper Insight Analyst, Red Bull

The community allows our sales team to give retail partners insights they can’t get anywhere else. We’ve helped retailers double down on the things that work for them and drive sales growth.

-Laura-Lynn Freck, Director, Shopper Insights, Red Bull

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