Alliant Energy

How an energy utility boosted its Net Promoter Score by plugging into customer intelligence

50% reduction in regulatory complaint numbers in last 2 years

88% increase in Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction increased by 15 index points


Alliant Energy is a publicly traded electric and natural gas utility in the U.S. Midwest. Its residential customer base is wary of industry price fluctuations as well as the environmental impact from personal energy use.

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Customer experience

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Improve customer satisfaction

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Alliant Energy needed to rethink how it showcased its low-cost, clean energy options and bring customers closer to the business. The company launched Power Thinkers, an insight community of 1,830 residential customers, and now relies on its feedback to help make decisions about new offerings and marketing communications—improving the overall customer experience.


Feedback from the Power Thinkers community gave decision-makers at Alliant Energy the confidence to go forward with new business opportunities. For example, when asked about purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle, 53 percent of Power Thinkers members said they would consider it if the price was lower, and 29 percent wanted more places to charge. This feedback helped the company fully comprehend the opportunity, which resulted in a customer and employee rebate pilot program for electric vehicle charging stations.

Power Thinkers also influences marketing strategies. For instance, after learning that 84 percent of members weren’t aware of the company’s voluntary green-energy program, the marketing department knew it needed to improve communications. A deeper dive showed that 90 percent of members who were aware of the program said it was important to know which renewable power sources were involved, and they wanted a more affordable way to help the environment. This feedback prompted Alliant Energy to shift marketing communications and reconsider its pricing structure, dropping the price of the program by 30 percent.

Feedback from Power Thinkers has helped transform the business. The company is more innovative and open to new ideas, while the marketing team has shifted how it communicates with and incorporates customers into decisions. Most impressively, regulatory complaint numbers have decreased by 50 percent over the last two years, customer satisfaction increased by 15 index points and Alliant Energy’s Net Promoter Score increased by 88 percent—growing from 17 in 2014 to 32 in 2016. Power Thinkers plays a role in all of these improvements, as the company now has direct access to the people who matter most.

50% reduction in regulatory complaint numbers in last 2 years

88% increase in Net Promoter Score

Customer satisfaction increased by 15 index points

Our insight community gives us the data we need to enhance customer experience quickly in a cost-effective way.

-Mike Thiede, Customer Experience Consultant, Alliant Energy

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